2014 American Lighting Association Annual Conference
09 / 21 / 14

This years conference was held in September 14-16, 2014 at Omni Nashville Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. This years keynote Speakers were Steve Mulvany, president and founder of Management Tools Inc.;Brad Hunter, director of consulting and chief economist for Hanley Wood; and Richard D. Upton, CCE, ALA president and CEO. Many interesting topics were discussed and most importantly new ideas and innovations in the Lighting Industry. The following is an overview of the most interesting points at this years conference:
How to Reach the Elusive Interior Design Community
Illuminating the Future of Lighting
Understanding Your Manufacturer
Insights into the Housing Recovery
Putting a Face on the Changing Housing Market
The Next Lighting Control Revolution is Now – Here’s What You Need to Know
Maximizing Your Potential as a Sales Representative
Where’s The Focus?!
Embracing LED Technology to Upgrade Your Image and Increase Your Sales