ARCUS, known internationally as Electrolooch, was born out of necessity in 1889, a time when innovation
completely changed the way we used lighting in our daily lives. In 1876 Russian inventor and entrepreneur, Pavel Yablochkov created a device called the Yablochkov Candle. It was based on the Carbon Arc Lamp, however Yablochkov improved upon it. It was first demonstrated for street and theatre illumination during the Paris Exhibition of 1878, notably on the Avenue de l’Opéra. Because of the Yablochkov Candle the first electric street lights were created and by 1890, over 130,000 electric street lights were in operation in the United States. Eventually, they popped up all over the world.

The ushering in of electric light created a mass desire as lighting went from gas lanterns to ARC lighting, with the eventual creation from many inventors the most notable Thomas Edison of the modern day incandescent light bulb. With the creation of electric power plants and electric generators, the demand for residential, commercial and industrial lighting was booming. Our unsurpassed devotion to engineering superior light fixtures emerged during that revolutionary transition from darkness to light.

Leading the way in industrial light manufacturing, Electrolooch manufactured light fixtures for the first Subway Stations, Train Stations, Military and Government Facilities through-out Eastern Europe. Electrolooch is still in business over 120 years later and has named its North American Subsidiary “ARCUS” to champion the accomplishments of the inventor and electrical engineer Pavel Yablochkov.

At ARCUS, innovation and imagination are as highly valued as product reliability and quality. We continue to pursue new and better ways of engineering and designing to produce 21st century technology solutions and collaborating with our customers around the world to insure the best product for their commercial and industrial applications. ARCUS is evolving the technology of design and manufacturing to produce the most efficient, high quality industrial LED lighting products and fixtures. We have a wide range of solutions for most any need.

Meeting these critical needs is what drives our strategy. Staying attuned to trends and technologies allows us to bring better ideas in order to help our customers meet their needs for today and tomorrow.